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Our standard consignment fees are only 20% for items of combined value greater than US$ 500.00. We will also agree to a minimum sales price thereby assuring you that if your item does not reach its designated goal it will be returned to you at no cost.

In addition to these great consignment features, we shield you from liabilities. Hampel's Gun Co. will be the actual seller of the firearms and all customers must pass a background check before they will be allowed to purchase your firearm.

Our appraisal cost starts at $20 per gun, and we are available to come to your location for appraisals of multiple firearms.

We can also offer to purchase your collection right off your hands, but generally you can net more income running the merchandise through our consignment program.


We have been selected by many estates to handle all aspects of dispersing large and small collections, ranging from historical, to hunting and modern firearms. No collection is too big for us! With our experienced staff and great showroom and online sales channels we can move just about any item.





Hampel's Gun Co. flexible and affordable layaway program offers our customers the ability to set aside products of their choice. Products on layaway will be removed from the showroom or online sales and be reserved for the duration of the layaway term.

Our transfer fee is $60 per gun, and in compliance to Michigan’s Attorney General guidance we must collect Michigan State Sales or Use Tax (6%) on the invoice price of the gun(s), freight and transfer fee(s), unless such taxes were collected by the seller.

Hampel's Gun Co. has both full time in-house gunsmiths and associated professionals that can provide a wide range of services, ranging from a simple cleaning, scope or recoil pad installation to a new custom stock, re-bluing, antique preservation and full firearms restorations.

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