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May Newsletter: Welcome the new Hampel's Gun Co. website

Hampel’s Gun Co. has been selling “Fine Firearms Since 1919” and besides our large selection of new and pre-owned firearms we continue to look for ways to better service our customers.


With that in mind we just invested in a new website with better customer relations capabilities and are revamping our social media efforts with new Facebook and Instagram pages. Some of the new customer support features of our new website ( are:


a. New Arrivals: you can be the first to know if we have received a brand new firearm or a collection of pre-owned firearms that you just can’t find anywhere else.

b. Special Orders: if we don’t have it on hand, we will order it for you. Please, give a chance for your local store with a door to quote you a price before ordering from a faceless online corporation.

c. Manager’s Specials: Joe Hulett will select specific firearms or product lines with seasonal discounts.

d. The Hampel’s Brag Board where you can share your special hunting, fishing and shooting memories with our community. This is a place to honor your prey and share your positive experiences. The content will be moderated to prevent improper or offensive material.


Additionally at you can subscribe to our newsletter, have access to both our new Hampel's Blog where we will report on firearms, hunting, shooting and related subjects as well as Rod’s long running “A Wild Beast at Heart” blog, which at one time was voted one of the ten best hunting blogs in the country.


Besides looking forward to your next visit to our shop we ask you to check our mobile friendly website, subscribe to our Newsletter, like us in Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

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