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Supreme Court Strikes Down Federal Ban on Bump Stocks

Of course you will be able to read in depth analysis in every major news outlet, according to each's own political and ideological positions. In my view this Supreme Court decision is not related to Gun Rights or the Second Amendment, but it is about (Federal) Government overreach and the limits of administrative agencies (in this case the BATF-E) in interpreting or revising interpretation of rules, and a clear reminder that all legislative power in government in vested in Congress.

This Supreme Court decision should establish a clear precedent for other pending litigation, particularly BATF-E's revision of Stabilizing Pistol Braces rules enacted in January 2023, which overnight turned millions of legal handguns in either illegal or registered NFA "short barreled rifles."

The one question that I would like to ask is what is the responsibility of the government administrative agencies that with action like the above potentially caused businesses to go under and jobs to be lost?

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